Ortoprotésicas supplementary benefits:

The General Judicial Mutuality provides financial support for purchase, rent, or reparations if any, of a series of orthopaedic products contained in the catalogue of ortoprotésico material, in which governs the periods of absence and maximum amounts of funding, as contained in the resolution of 4 december 2019 (BOE 18/12/2019) that partially updated catalogue contained in annex I to the Resolution of 6 may 2008 (BOE 23/05/2008).



Resolution of 6 may 2008, B.O.E. 23 may 2008.

Resolution of 19 december 2012, B.O.E. 29 december 2012.

Resolution of 4 december 2019 B.O.E., 18 december 2019.

Resolution of 9 june 2022 B.O.E., of 23 june 2022.



The mutual benefit and to request through the electronic site General society.

If you do not possible to make the online application, they can do so in person as indicated in paragraph "Face tile" login information at headquarters.

More information and access to the request (electronic)



see: Programa de atención: return of socio-sanitaria equipment ortoprotésico (only for equipment ortoprotésico for which you have previously been granted the help of supplementary benefits)
see: Supplementary benefits: headphones, mattress, laringófono antiescaras, compression stockings, etc.
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