Mandatory levy

They are liable to pay contributions to the special regime of Social security of staff in the service of the administration of justice, in mutual high within its scope of application in one of the following situations:

  1. Active service, with the consideration of this situation the enjoyment of licences, including the situation of temporary incapacity, or at risk during pregnancy or during breastfeeding.

  2. Special services.

  3. Provisional or final suspension of duties.

  4. Staff in the service of the administration of justice to play station or to exercise functions as alternate or substitute acting career in Judicial and prosecutor, in the body of Clerks or in other Bodies in the service of the administration of justice.

Paid is born from the date of the interested in the society in General and is maintained as long as in the affiliate is discharged.

Suspension of the quotation

The meeting was suspended paid from compulsory mutual during the enjoyment of their own affairs, and during periods in which children in situations of suspension.

Their contributions for these periods will be carried out from the date to start afresh licensing supervisors monthly payments, minus bank fees, pending the total extinction of a debit card, current contribution and one behind. On the assumption that, since these situations become voluntary redundancy, or other status or condition which does not contain an obligation to contribute, should fill in the contributions due from it.

Exemption from paid

Are exempt from paying contributions:

  • The mandatory mutual so to the situation of retirees or pension paid pensioners caused as a staff included in the scope of this regulation. This exemption of retirees is mutual effects since the month following the question.
  • The mutual funds on a leave of absence for caring for children or family members, or by gender violence

Price in the case of voluntary membership

The voluntary mutual are liable to pay contributions while in situation of high optional. The scheme must pay in this case the amount of the quota and the contribution of the state. The contribution of voluntary mutual rolled back its impact on the following day to the date of the low mandatory mutual.