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Compulsory contributions

  1. Están obligados a cotizar al Régimen especial de Seguridad Social del personal al servicio de la Administración de Justicia, los mutualistas en alta comprendidos en su ámbito de aplicación y que se hallen en alguna de las siguientes situaciones administrativas:
    1. Servicio activo, teniendo la consideración de esta situación, el disfrute de licencias, incluida la situación de incapacidad temporal, o por riesgo durante el embarazo o durante la lactancia natural.
    2. Special services.
    3. Temporary suspension or firm of functions.
    4. Staff at the service of the administration of justice that passes to play destination or serve as a substitute, substitute or careers in Judicial and prosecutorial, in the body of Registrars or other bodies in the service of the administration of justice.
  2. The obligation to contribute is born from the date of high of the Judicial General Mutuality and is maintained throughout the time at which the member is discharged.

Suspension of the trading

Suspends the obligation to contribute mandatory participants during:

  • The enjoyment of licences by own affairs.
  • The situation of suspension firm.

Contributions from the Compulsory mutualists above periods will be performed from the date on which it begins again to pay licensing, minus monthly, until the total extinction of debit card, a quota and another backward flow. On the assumption that since these situations become voluntary redundancy, or any other situation or condition that does not contain the obligation to contribute, should enter the contributions.

Exemption from the obligation to contribute

  • The mandatory mutualists pass to the situation of retirees or in receipt of pension Clases Pasivas caused as personnel included in the scope of this regulation. The exemption of contribution by the retired mutualists shall take effect on the following month to retirement.
  • The mutualists within the situation of leave to care for children or relatives, or by gender violence

Quotation of the voluntary affiliation

The voluntary mutual are obliged to pay while they are in a situation of high optional. The insurance must pay in this case the amount corresponding to the quota of official or the staff member and the input of the State. The price of voluntary mutual retrotraerá its effects on the following day at the date of the low as mutualists mandatory.