An electronic prescription


Electronic systems of limitations are designed to facilitate the daily work of the protocol, the administration, as well as the effectiveness of patients' rights as such, and by their status as consumers of the Internet. As the explanatory statement of the royal Legislative Decree 1/2015, of 24 july, which approves the consolidated text of the law on guarantees and rational use of medicines and health products, the law considers it necessary for the selective financing and indiscriminate use of drugs not in terms of the therapeutic usefulness of the same and their need to improve the health of citizens, and therefore requires rational use .

The electronic prescription is a qualitative leap to ensure the rational use and their benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Facilitate the follow-up of farmacoterapéutico history
  • Facilitate the work of the professional doctor.
  • Accessibility of a patient to their treatment.
  • Decrease of influx in consultations.
  • Follow-up or control of the icty treatments.

The system, in short, it has great advantages for the scheme, namely: speed, transparency and the requirements of visas, as necessary, and interoperability, As A backdrop of these benefits, administration, has greater powers and control, and reduce errors in the implementation of the process.

During the state of alarm and with the aim of reducing the mobility of patients in need of recipes to health centres in each of the autonomous communities, accelerated MUGEJU began work to incorporate the mutualist attached to the different public health services in an electronic prescription of the autonomous communities (CC.AA.). In some of them has been a complete integration in such systems, while others have implemented interim systems integration, while mutual the current health crisis.

Currently, there has been a complete integration of the attached to the mutual following health services to make use of electronic prescription in the respective CC.AA.:

  • Valencian service: from 27 march 2020
  • Madrid's Health service: from 4 april 2020
  • Basque service: from 16 april 2020
  • Catalan health service: from 20 april 2020.
  • Andalusian service: from 21 may.
  • Riojano health service: from 27 july 2020.
  • Aragon service: from 7 september 2020.
  • Spanish service: from 1 october 2020.
  • Asturias health service: from 1 march 2021.

Also during the state of alarm, were adopted alternative interim solutions with several Autonomous Communities, and that have been so long as the health crisis or up to full implementation of the mutual systems in the electronic recipes these CC.AA. In this case, are the following Public health services:

  • Health service de les Illes Balears: from 6 april 2020
  • Health service of murcia: from 24 april 2020.
  • The Canary Islands health service: from 27 april 2020.
  • Galician health service: from 1 april 2020
  • Health service of castile and León: from 9 april 2020.
  • Health service Castilla-La Mancha: from 19 may.

Without being a permanent system, but linked to the health crisis, all of these guarantees that the scheme is the economic contribution is due to him in medicine in the field MUGEJU.

Castile and León launched on 9 april, a solution that prevents the scheme is coming to the doctor, although is mixed, will have access to mutual recipes through the same procedure that users of SACYL not included in an electronic prescription: make (by telephone, APP phone or internet) with the primary health-care physician. From the centre of health will contact the patient by telephone, stating the way to get the recipes. Recipes on role will be THE SACYL RECIPES, and with them, the scheme will address the pharmacy.

In these systems not face limitations, as i said, it arbitrates each community in collaboration with MUGEJU minimal, with respect to the record of the prescription, dispensing and billing. Allow the scheme or, after contact by telephone or internet, can acquire the medicine or product in the pharmacy.

The mutualist attached to these health services, may have recourse to the pharmacy located in these CC.AA., with their health card To provide them pharmaceuticals prescribed in the system of an electronic prescription, which can in this way obtain their pharmaceutical products in the same economic conditions that with the old recipe MUGEJU role.


It was reported that the visa of recipes for secondment to mutual I.N.S.S. CC.AA., listed below, it does so directly the public health service.

  • Valencian health service.
  • Madrid's Health service.
  • Basque service.
  • Catalan health service.
  • Andalusian service.
  • Riojano health service.
  • Health service de les Illes Balears.
  • Health service of murcia.
  • The Canary Islands health service.
  • Aragon service.
  • Health service Castilla-La Stain.
  • Spanish health service

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