Supplementary Benefits: dental, ophthalmic, ortoprotésicas and others.

To recommend this benefit
Data of the proceedings
6 months

1. The "Judicial General provides financial support for purchase, rent, or reparations if any, of a series of orthopaedic products contained in the catalogue of ortoprotésico material, in which governs the periods of absence and maximum amounts of funding, as contained in the resolution of 4 december 2019 (BOE 18/12/2019) that partially updated catalogue contained in annex I to the Resolution of 6 may 2008 (BOE 23/05/2008).

The new resolution affects under the mutual entities concerted private medical , and establishes the rules for access to the provision, collection, the general requirements of prescription and dispensing of products as well as, for certain products ortoprotésicos, the contribution of the user's repeated under regulation. Aid for the delivery of products of external ortho is configured as an accredited compensation according to invoice.

The request of the provision will be carried out by completing the relevant form, accessible on the website of the mutual insurance system ( ), and presented them in the Provincial Offices or through electronic ( https :// ).

The application shall be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. The invoice from the establishment authorized incurred and ensuring that must meet all legal and regulatory requirements for validity. At the same must include the detail of concepts and prices as well as the evidence of payment, or accompanied, if any, of the receipt thereof, and
  2. The document of the prescription which would make a pathology that has dictated it.

2. Also, MUGEJU provides financial support for dental, ophthalmic benefit and other health benefits in accordance with the Resolution of 4 december 2019 (BOE 18/12/2019), which updates the regulation of entitlements and there is widespread in their progress in electronic format, through the electronic site ( https :// ). However, it may apply in paper format before the central services in the Provincial Offices or in any of the public records indicated legally qualified business days/week-days, months january, april, july and october of each calendar year.

Additional documentation

Application form of aid to Supplementary Benefits

Resolution of 4 december 2019 that partially updated the list contained in annex I to the Resolution of 6 may 2008

Resolution of 4 december 2019 (BOE 18/12/2019), which updates the regulation of supplementary benefits