Medicines and sanitary products by medical entities concerted

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They are in charge of the entity medical and supplied by their means to beneficiaries health products listed below:

to) administration systems home enteral nutrition, cannulas of traqueotomía, laringuectomía probes and special vesicales that are not dispensables through Mugeju recipe, where these products were duly identified by a specialist of the entity

(b) intrauterine devices (ÉS) of any kind.

(c) infusion pumps local parenteral administration of insulin and other drugs.

d) syringes for the administration of insulin uotros antidiabetic drugs including the corresponding needles or other systems administration although not, as well as consumables of insulin pumps and needles for the supply of pre-systems of insulin or other antidiabetic drugs without them.

e) The strips for measurement of glucose, combined and glucosuria glucose/bodies cetónicos, as well as the glucómetro lancetas and the necessary for measurement, in diabetic patients. In any case, the Entity should guarantee to these patients any existing products on the market when optional believed influencer are better suited to your individual needs and their individual abilities.

All these products will be supplied according to criteria of diligence, proportionality and utmost attention to the patient's condition.

In cases where, for reasons attributable to the entity, the supply does not conform to these criteria, you may purchase insurance directly the product and seek the return to the entity