Scope and content of the pharmaceutical allowance

The scope and content of the pharmaceutical benefit managed by the General Judicial Mutuality is exactly the envisaged in the General Social security system.

Pharmaceutical products and which are prescribed in MUGEJU official recipe

  • Medicines for the NHS fundable included in the official Gazetteer.

  • Medical and prepared records contained in the National Drug Formulary.

  • Dietary products: dietoterápicos enterales and formulas.

  • Bacterial and anti-allergenic vaccines: identified developed by registered and authorized laboratories.

  • A mask compression therapeutic strong compression and the normal symbol marked "CE" under cartonaje or packaging.

  • Medicinal products with coupon precinct.

In general, for the medicines prescribed in MUGEJU recipes of the economic contribution scheme in the pharmacy is 30% of the purchase price to the public. There Are some drugs that are exempt from input, and others who are at a reduced contribution of 10 per cent and a maximum amount of €4,24 per package.

Medical equipment provided by the medical bodies

The medical entity shall provide:

  • Infusion pumps local insulin parenteral administration and other drugs.

  • Syringes for the administration of insulin or other antidiabetic drugs, including relevant needles and other systems not governing pre-loaded, as well as expendable material of insulin and needles for the provision of pre-systems of insulin or other antidiabetic drugs that are denied them.

  • Strips for measuring glucosuria glucose, and combined cetónicos glucose/bodies, as well as the glucómetro lancetas and necessary for measurement, in these patients. In any case, the entity should ensure that medical patients any of these products on the market, where in the opinion of the protocol prescriber best suit their individual needs and their personal skills.

  • Intrauterine devices (IUD), of any kind.

  • Administration of nutrition home enteral, cannulas of traqueotomía laringuectomía probes, and special vesicales dispensables non prescription of MUGEJU, when they had been adequately reflected by a specialist from the medical institution.

The entity care supplies these products in terms of care, proportionality and utmost attention to the patient's condition. If for reasons imputable to the entity providing medical not consistent with these criteria, the scheme can directly the products and seek reimbursement for medical entity.

Drugs that are excluded from the pharmaceutical allowance

Are excluded:

  • Homeopathic medicinal products.

  • The advertising pharmaceutical (EFP).

  • The pharmaceutical, effects and accessories and medical excluded from funding in the national health system.