Special medical treatments

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3 months

In cases of medical treatment or intervention special that, being bankable by the national health system cannot be managed through the media medicine themselves open or closed within the national territory, owing to technical impossibility, the mutual Judicial General may authorize, the reimbursement of costs of care required in a foreign country. To the previous effects, is considered foreign medicine that could be in Spain through foreign centers located in the national territory.

For this it is essential that the General Judicial Mutuality had prior knowledge of the facts and authorized the special treatment, without to meet treatments applications already practiced for which was not available with such authorization from the Body.

The application form, we must accompany medical report Hospitable service the public Hospital or the corresponding medical entity, which is in the applicant treatment, indicating the impossibility of providing treatment or intervention through regular means of the national health system, the centre where you can provide the treatment or intervention and budget of the healthcare centre where you'll be intervention or treatment.

In view of the reports provided, the mutual Judicial General will carry out all required checks and seek few reports it deems necessary and decide what appropriate.