Special medical treatment

Data of the proceedings
3 months

In the cases of intervention or special medical treatment, to be fundable under the national health system, cannot be managed through their own public or private medicine within the national territory, due to technical impossibility, mutuality General may authorize, the refund of costs of required assistance in a foreign country. For the purposes, shall be deemed foreign medicine that could be delivered in Spain, through foreign centres based in the national territory.

It is imperative that the General Judicial Mutuality had notice of the facts and has authorized the special treatment, without that they meet the requests of treatments already performed without had such prior authorization of the agency.

The application form, we must accompany medical report from Hospital Public Hospital or the appropriate medical institution, in which treatment is in the applicant, indicating the inability to provide treatment intervention or through ordinary of the national health system, the centre where you can provide the treatment or intervention and the budget of the health centre where it will be the intervention or treatment.

In view of the reports provided, The General Judicial Mutuality will require few checks and seek other reports as required and decide as appropriate.