Claims in healthcare

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How to claim in the case of assistance through medical entities

The beneficiaries may submit claim in Mugeju when they consider the entity is breaching the obligations of the concert of health.

Claims will be presented at the provincial Delegation Mugeju of the town in which they have taken place the facts and in the case of Madrid, before the central services, accompanying few documents can justify the same.

Subsequently, Mugeju make efforts to reach an agreement with the entity. In case of discrepancy continue to be convened joint committee meeting provincial, Mugeju-Entidad. If there is no agreement on the joint committee provincial, the case will be sent for analysis to the joint committee national.

As claiming to health services of the CCAA or INGESA

The beneficiaries may submit the claim that appropriate in medical centres (hospitals, Clinics, health centres, etc.) or administrative Health service of the autonomous community or the corresponding INGESA and will continue to the procedure in the field, through the services of Patient care or units of health administration authorized to facilitate processing.