European health card and alternative provisional certificate

Data of the proceedings
3 months

The European Health Card (TSE) is the document. therefore, free of charge, who hold entitlement to health benefits that are needed for a temporary stay in the territory of the european economic area, united kingdom or Switzerland, under identical conditions that residents of the country of destination, through its public system of health (except that displacement has the aim to receive medical treatment). The validity of the TRIBUNAL is two years.

If the trip is imminent and it cannot be expected to a TSE, must apply Alternative Interim Certificate (CPS), which may be achieved immediately at headquarters electronic MUGEJU. The CPS had the same legal status as the SUPREME ELECTORAL TRIBUNAL, but its validity period of 90 days.

When the public system of health of the country in the use of the TRIBUNAL is subjected to any partial funding by the user (co), will be able to apply for the reimbursement to the GLOBAL IRIS company.

States in which the TRIBUNAL is valid:

  • Countries of the european Union.
  • Countries of the european economic area iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
  • Switzerland.
  • United kingdom.


The mutual funds will be required to apply the psc TSE and through the electronic site General society. The Psc is obtained immediately and the TRIBUNAL will meet in the address in a period not exceeding ten days.


If he cannot make such procedures through the electronic site, please refer to the provincial branches or central MUGEJU and submit the completed application form of TSE, or login to request the CPS own or their beneficiaries.

Application form of TSE/CPS

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