Displaced mutual exceeds 120 days by destination and others

Data of the proceedings
3 months

Mode 1 resolution 18/04/2016 (BOE 06/05/2016)

For enjoying the benefits of this type of assistance it is necessary for the scheme in Mugeju previously seek it International DKV, by completing the application form and to provide supporting documentation.

Cannot respond Mugeju no claim for payment or reimbursement of health expenditure in countries outside the national territory, if the scheme had not been requested in advance registration on this modality.

This modality affects and mutual beneficiaries who are in any of the following circumstances, always attesting that do not have the right to health care in the country of destination or of residence:

a) Mutual Funds or provide for their services outside of the country for a period exceeding 120 days.

(b) that, while Mutual designed in a foreign country, causing low in active service retirement or permanent incapacity.

(c) establish Mutual his home in one of the european union, European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, norway), and switzerland.

(d) Mutualist accompanying their spouse or person in a similar relationship with nature but stable.

(e) mutual beneficiaries included in the preceding paragraphs that will go with them.

(f) Mutual Funds that are on leave by relatives or by reason of gender-based violence, provided that the residence abroad will be extended more than 120 days and be the result of the circumstances leading to the leave.

Mugeju will facilitate the care in the country of destination or residence through the contract with DKV international, with a similar content to the provision of health care in national territory.

Health costs in excess of the coverage of this contract may be reintegrated by Mugeju to the edge of the portfolio of services, upon presentation of the application form of compensation and the supporting documentation.