Aid Ortoprotésica Contribution

Data of the proceedings
6 months


  • Aid from financial input at certain products ortoprotésicos are intended to fund, partially, the costs associated with the contribution that have mutual had to undertake at the time of purchase, renovation and/or repair of certain products such as: ortoprotésicos walkers, crutches with three or more legs, Orthotic, neck, back, knee among others.


  • Beneficiaries of these grants, mutual non and mutual beneficiaries included in the admission of both.



  • Request for assistance arising from the economic contribution ortoprotésicos on certain products. Also available in the central services or in the provincial branches.
  • Copy or copies of personal income tax returns of the family unit of the last exercise, including the Complementary Statement if been carried out.
  • If there is no obligation to declare, certification of tax administration in that regard and certification of the charges In Full of money so that they appear.
  • Alternatively the input from the previous documentation, to authorize Mugeju (in the reserved area in the model of request) to collect the data of the appropriate state bodies.
  • If any, responsible for the statement pensions or benefits exempt or not subject to taxation from last year's INCOME


  • The amount of the monthly amount will be set, according to the level of net income per person per month calculated in accordance with the criteria and depending on the scale, established in the summons.

Resolution and resources.

  • Form: upon request.
  • Authority resolves Manager of the society in General.
  • Deadline for resolutions: 6 months
  • Effects of silence: positive administrative
  • Resource: appealed before the ministry of justice.