Severe disability allowance

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6 months

Means by Major Disability the status of the retired mutualist disability, as a consequence of anatomical or functional losses, requires the assistance of another person for the most basic activities of life, such as dress, move, eat or similar.

The statement and the revision of the major disability is the responsibility of the Judicial General Mutuality, upon request of Views pre ceptivo and binding to the competent bodies to assess, classify and revise the inability, located in the province in the concerned.

This benefit may be requested at any time, provided that it is proven that person's or has occurred prior to the date on which the mutualist fulfilled the legal age for retirement forced.

The benefit is an amount equivalent to 60% of the ordinary basic remuneration perceived the last month in active, is of life, and paid in 14 you pay one for each of the months of the year and two extra pay per year, and for the same amount than the regular monthly for those months.

Is indexed annually as provided for pensions de Clases Pasivas in the laws of overall budgets of the State. Is regulad to in the Consolidated text of existing legal provisions on the Social security schemes of staff at the service of the administration of justice, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 3/2000 and in the regulation of Judicial Mutualisme, approved by Royal Decree 1026/2011, July 15 (BOE of 04/08/2011).