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The Law 31/1991, 30 December, pressupostos generals of the state for 1992, established in the area of the Mugeju child allowance with disabilities, as mode of family benefits for children.
Articles 12.1, f) and 21.3 of Text approved by Royal Legislative Decree 3/2000 reflected explicitly, between Mugeju benefits, the “ family benefits for children with disabilities ”, referring to its regulation to chapter IX title (II of Text of General law of Social security.
The Royal Decree 1335/2005, rendered in the field of General Regime of Social security, develops legal regulations for children with disabilities.

The rules of the Judicial Mutualisme, approved by Royal Decree 1026/2011, July 15 (BOE of 4/8/2011), regulates this provision in its articles 109 and 110.

The benefit is a monthly allowance, for child or minor hosted with disabilities, which is determined according to their age, the degree of disability and the need of the contest of another person.

Child allowance disabled (2019)
Group: Drivers Monthly amount of the delivery
Under 18 (Handicap ≥ 33%) 83,33
Over 18 years (Handicap ≥ 65%) 392,00
Over 18 years (Handicap ≥ 75% and need to third person) 588,00


The deceased did not lose their status of child or minor hosted by merely by conducting a lucrative job, or self-employment, provided that continue to live with the beneficiary of the delivery and the annual income of the decedent under Labour returns must not exceed 100 percent of the minimum wage.
The minimum wage is set to 2019 in 900,70 euro/month (12.600,00 euros/year).
The perception of economic allocations for children with disabilities over 18 years, is incompatible with the status by the son of pensioner of retirement or disability in non-contributory and on the condition beneficiary of assistance pensions regulated by law 45/1960, 21 July, or of subsidies minimum income guarantee and aid for the third person, established in the law 13/1982 of 7 April, of social integration of disabled people.
The application must be made in the official form established by the General Mutuality Judicial to this effect, accompanied by documentation to the same indicated.
The form may be accessed in the own Mutuality (Central Service and Provincial Delegations) and downloading of the Web of Mugeju.