Economic Aid in cases of multiple births

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6 months

These aids, comprise two differentiated benefits:

  • Subsidio especial por maternidad o paternidad en los supuestos de parto, adopción o acogimiento múltiples.
  • Economic benefit of single payment for birth or adoption multiple.

Types of aid

Its basic regulation is contained in the Arts. 111 to 117 of the rules of the Judicial Mutualisme, approved by Royal Decree 1026/2011, 15 July. (BOE 04/08/2011)

Subsidio especial por maternidad o paternidad en los supuestos de parto, adopción o acogimiento múltiples

Tendrán derecho a este subsidio, los mutualistas, en los casos de maternidad por parto múltiple o de acogimiento preadoptivo o permanente múltiple o de paternidad o maternidad por adopción múltiple.

It is compatible with the economic benefit of single payment for birth or adoption multiple.

The amount of the grant will be the amount resulting from multiplying by 42 (six weeks of rest mandatory) have the regulator for the year the event causing the body to which they belong the insurance, dividing turn this outcome by 365. The product is multiplied by the number of children, starting from the second born in a same childbirth or juveniles adopted or cared simultaneously:

Maternity special allowance for multiple births:

Grant = (having regulator on the day of the event causing x 42 days/365 days) x (No children simultaneously - 1)
Group Having A Regulator 2019 (€/year)
A1 41.807,75
A2 32.903,75
B 28.812,57
C1 25.270,64
C2 19.993,26

A1: Judicial career, Prosecutor, secretarial Judicial, Forensic doctors and Optional INT. and C.F.
Management Body A2: Procedural and Administrative Body of Specialist Technicians of INT and CF and Body of Registrars of peace of municipalities of more than 7,000 inhabitants.
Processing Body C1: Procedural and Administrative and Body of Laboratory assistants of INT and CF.
C2: Body of Legal Assistance.

The amount of single payment for multiple births is a multiple of the minimum wage, resulting from multiplying the latter by a coefficient set according to the number of children born simultaneously.

Payment Only for multiple births

Have the right to this single payment, the mutual insurance associations, maternity cases by birth or adoption multiple, with the object offset, in part, rising costs that produces in families the birth or adoption of two or more children by birth or adoption multiple.

It is compatible with the special subsidy maternity or paternity in cases of birth, adopted or fostered

The benefit is a single payment, whose amount will be the payment of 4, 8 or 12 times the minimum wage monthly professional prevailing on the date of birth or date of the court order, depending on 2,3 or more children drivers

Children born or adopted affected by a disability equal or superior to 33 percent, double counted.

Number of children born Number of times the amount of monthly S.M.I. Amounts in 2019
Facts causes between 01/01/2019 and 31/12/2019
2 4 3.600,00 euros
3 8 7.200,00 euros
4 and more 12 10.800,00 euros

S.M.I. 2019- 900 €/month. R.D. 1462/2018 of 21 December