Care for dependent persons

Provision aimed to contribute to the rehabilitation of persons staying in a situation of drug abuse.

Requirements: be scheme (owner or beneficiary) in high in the Mutuality and needing a comprehensive treatment of drug abuse addressed to the rehabilitation and reintegration socio-laboral.

The amount of aid is determined in accordance with the level of per capita income, calculated in accordance with the criteria and benchmarks set out in the summons.

This aid is incompatible with any other provided or from public funds, provided that they are aimed at the same purpose and there is agreement about the subject and in question.



Resolution of 4 december 2019 , (BOE No. 304 of 19 december 2019) the mutual General prosecution summoned aid programme Socio-Sanitaria care by 2020.



The mutual benefit and to request through the electronic site General society. Can also apply in person as indicated in paragraph "Face tile" login information at headquarters.

More information and access to the request (electronic)