Subsidios por incapacidad temporal y por riesgo durante el embarazo y durante la lactancia

Data of the proceedings
6 months

Situation of temporary incapacity

Are considered in a situation of temporary incapacity personnel who have licensed by illness or accident that impede the normal performance of public functions.

The right to temporary incapacity allowance by Mugeju born attaching the extension of sick leave for the seventh month (for the first six, officials of the administration of justice are entitled to all payments).

La cuantía del Subsidio es fija e invariable, en tanto éste no se extinga, y será la mayor de las dos cuantidades siguientes:

  • 80 Percent of basic pay accrued (salary and trienniums), increased in the sixth part of a bonus payment, for the first month of leave.
  • 75 Percent of supplementary compensation due for the first month of leave.

The Full Amount calculated and not exceed a supplementary compensation for the first integrate month of leave. If the amount of subsidy should prove to higher amount will be reduced too.

The allowance is extinguished, among other causes, by:

  • Completion of sick leave.
  • Course of the maximum length of temporary disability, provided for in the consolidated text of the General Social security law.
  • Statement of retirement.
  • Death.


Situación de riesgo durante el embarazo y durante la lactancia natural

The situation of the scheme is obtained license for risk during pregnancy or during the period of breastfeeding child has attained the age of nine months will have the same status and effects of the temporary disability, with the particularity that the financial benefit equivalent to Temporary incapacity allowance consists of an allowance by Mugeju in amount equal to 100 per cent of supplementary compensation due for the first month of leave.



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