Mandatory retirement age allowance

Data of the proceedings
5 years

Social benefit of FORCED JUBILACIÓN ALLOWANCE is a benefit in payment for the group of "social benefits ”, currently listed in article 12.1, and the TR of existing legislation on special Social Security of staff in the service of the administration of justice (approved by Legislative DR 3/2000) and previously provided for in article 10.1, (e) of the 1932, 16/1978 (creator of the General Judicial Mutuality).

The provision is regulated by article 103 (assistance to Retired) of the rules of procedure of Judicial Mutualismo, approved by royal decree 1026/2011, of 15 july. BOE of 4/8/2011), remain recipients mutual Only who is retired with mandatory nature by reason of age, as well as those who is retired by permanent incapacity for duty, to reach the mandatory retirement age. In accordance with the final disposition third of the royal decree approving the regulations, It entered into force on the day following its publication the state gazette.


I shall be entitled to retirement Allowance of officials who, being in active service, special facilities or voluntary redundancy by relatives or by reason of gender-based violence and the status of the scheme of the society in General of the court, retired:

a) With mandatory nature on the grounds of age.

(b) for inability to reach the mandatory retirement age.

Help contents

Aid is the payment, for once, twice the full amount of a regular monthly basic rewards in the last payroll, which experienced.

Deadline for submission of applications

a) in the case of retirees evictions for older persons: five years, starting from the day following the date fixed for the retirement age.
(b) in the case of retirees by permanent incapacity for duty: five years, starting from the day following the date of the implementation of the minimum age for mandatory retirement age by age in the body or membership of the staff member.

Expiry of the law

On the expiry of five years indicated in the preceding paragraph will be the expiry of the law.