Widows' pensions and orphans

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6 months

Causes and beneficiaries

The pension the cause for the surviving spouse those with the condition affiliate/mutualist at the time of the event causing (the death), implying that have contributed uninterrupted until the date of his retirement or until his death, in the event occurred in The active situation.
Regulations are Integrated mutuals widows' pensions/orphanhood as a string successor: the insurance, upon, cause for the surviving spouse's pension, bowing orphans to such pension after the death of The Latter (the pension is distributed among those).

Obviously, orphans directly access the pension after the death of the insurance when this dies without leaving spouse.

In the Mutuality of Anticipation are beneficiaries children under 25 years, as well as over this age unable to work and with income below the minimum wage. In mutuals Municipal and Justice as Assistants are under eighteen years at the 1st and twenty-one in the second, those unable to work and over those ages (single or widowed) with incomes below the minimum wage.

Legal nature

Like pensions, have the nature of public, being therefore subject to the rules on limits of perception and intersection applicable to such pensions. (See the heading “ Legal nature ” (“ Pensions ”).


The amounts of these pensions are set in the same terms as those of retirement (by Bodies/scales in mutuals foresight and Municipal Justice; and by bodies and years of service in the auxiliaries).

Monthly Full amounts (14 times per annum) vary, Mutuality forecasting, among the 122,35 euros (initial amount) and €57.10 (final amount), to the upper levels, and the 81,56 euros (initial amount) and 30,05 euros (final amount), to the lower level.

In this Mutuality survivorship pension (amount of the pension distributed between absolute orphan who meet the requirements by regulation) ceases to fulfil the beneficiary 25 years of age. However, its rules provided for the granting of an orphan's pension those over the age, unable to work and devoid of economic means (income below the minimum wage) in the amounts of 57.10 (initial pension) and 18, 03 euros (final pension)

In the Municipal justice Mutuality, the amount integrates monthly alimony is fixed in function of the group (1 Group: Magistrates, judges, prosecutors and secretaries; Group 2º: Registrars of peace, officers, assistants and agents) that include the insurance, being of €36.06 (initial amount) and 12.02 (final amount), for the group 1, and 30,05 (initial amount) and 9.02 (final amount), for the group 2nd.

In the Mutuality of auxiliary pensions tables (one for each Body integrated into the same: Forensic Doctors, officers, assistants and agents) have set the amounts of the same (initial amounts) depending on the base pension for each Body and the full years for quotation (the initial amount of the pension is the resulting increase the pension based on a 2 percent of the same, being the minimal increase from 20 percent, applicable to the mutualists with less than 10 years of contributions).

Initial pensions oscillate between the minimum amounts of 75,66, 72,33, 69,55, and 61.21 euros per month, for the bodies of Forensic Doctors, officers, assistants and agents, respectively, and the 119,80, 114,52, 110,12 and 96,91 euros per month, for the very bodies in the course of 45 years of contributions.

In this Mutuality amounts late pensions (applicable, following the process of reducing under the integration agreements, starting at the fifth year after the date of boot) are the same amount for widows of the mutual every Body (25,84).

Recognition and payment (implementation of standards on limit of perception and intersection of public pensions).

See same heading in the section “ pensions ”