Death relief

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The procedure data
6 months

Causes and beneficiaries

To cause the right to single payment “ Help ” by Death must be hold the status of any insurance mutuals integrated into the special fund of Mugeju at the time of the event causing (the death), which implies have contributed uninterrupted until the date of retirement (or even death, in the event of active).

Except in cases of rescuing the provision by the insurance provided by regulation, the help received it mutualist recipients to his death.

The beneficiaries are:

  1. The designated expressly or designated by the mutualist
  2. If I had not done mutualist expresses designation, will be considered beneficiaries people listed below, according to the following order of preference exclusive:
    1. The surviving spouse legally separated not
    2. Children and only in concurrence with them, the children of children dead, according to the rules of the Civil code
    3. Parents, if economically dependent on the deceased mutualist
    4. Grandchildren orphaned and abandoned
  3. In the absence of designation expresses and relatives referred to, the regulations of the three Mutuals empower the ruling Junta (today Mugeju manager) to give up half of the assistance to the person who had borne funeral expenses and funeral of mutualist died



The assistance death is set in the following amounts:

A. Mutuality of Anticipation of Officials from the administration of justice = 6,010.12 euros
B. Mutuality Charitable Municipal Justice officials = 3.005,06 euros
V. Mutuality Beneficent auxiliaries of the administration of justice = 4.207,08 euros

The bailout by the mutualist

Únicamente los afiliados a las Mutualidades de Previsión de Funcionarios de la Administración de Justicia y Benéfica de Auxiliares de la Administración de Justicia pueden solicitar, una vez jubilados y siempre que fueran solteros o viudos sin hijos o descendientes que de ellos dependan económicamente, el rescate del Auxilio por Defunción, siendo su importe:

A. Mutuality of Anticipation of Officials from the administration of justice = 4.507,59 euros (75% of Aid)
Charitable Mutuality B. assistant of the administration of justice = 3.155,31 euros (75% of Aid)

The rules of the charitable Mutuality Municipal justice Officials does not contain the rescue of Help.

With the payment of ransom, death Relief terminates when the mutualist Mutuality belongs to the Charity of the administration of justice.

If the deceased mutualist as outside the anticipation of officials of the administration of justice and had rescued the assistance (75% of the same), may be granted to someone who had borne funeral expenses and funeral the amount of the same with the limit of 25% of the amount of the provision (1.502,53 euros).