Assistance in the event of death (Special Fund)

For the provision of single farm payment “ assistance in the event of death ” is necessary to hold the status of any of the scheme is run in the integrated Special MUGEJU at the time of the question (death), which means have contributed steadily until the date of retirement (or even death, in the event of functioning).

The assistance in the event of death is set in the following amounts:

  1. "Forecast of staff of the administration of justice = 6,010.12 euros

  2. Charitable society officials Municipal Justice = 3.005,06 euros

  3. Charitable society for the administration of justice = 4.207,08 euros

Except in cases of rescue of the provision by the scheme is expected, with the rules, shall receive d'aquest auxili what scheme beneficiaries to his death. The beneficiaries are:

  1. The appointed or designated by the scheme is expressly

  2. If you would not scheme expresses designation, are considered beneficiaries persons which follow, according to the following order of preference exclusive:

    1. The spouse not legally separated widower

    2. The children, and only in concurrence with them, the children of deceased children, under the rules of the Civil code

    3. Parents, to sustain the scheme is economically of deceased

    4. Orphaned grandchildren and helpless

  3. In the absence of designation expresses and relatives alluded to, the regulations of the three Mutual empower government Junta (today Mugeju manager) to grant to the middle of assistance to the person who had borne the costs of burial and funeral of deceased scheme.



This assistance should be sought through the electronic site General society. They can also be requested in person as indicated in paragraph "Face tile" login information at headquarters.

More information and access to the request (electronic)



see: Information on the death