Extension To 2022 and 2023 the concert Of Pharmacy and Signed Between The CGCOF Mugeju

On 22 december 2021 the manager of MUGEJU signed with the council General de col · legis records of pharmacists of Spain (CGCOF), the extension of the concert by defining the conditions for the implementation of the pharmaceutical service delivery through the offices of pharmacy, signed on 26 june 2017 and modified by the addition signed on 2 july 2020.

The extension comes into force on 1 january 2002 and will be valid until the thirty-one day of december 2023.

The Concert signed between CGCOF and MUGEJU on 27 july 2017 seeks to establish the manner and conditions whereby legally established Pharmacy working professionally with MUGEJU, with regard to the dispensing of medicines and pharmaceutical products, as required by law. It Also provides for the Concert the turnover by official secondary schools of pharmacists and payment of prescriptions accorded to them.

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