New Concert for health-care expenditures

On 30 december, the manager of the Mutuality Judicial General signed new concert for healthcare of the collective during the years 2002, 2023 and 2024, with the same insurance entities with which the Mutuality had already been working, i.e. with ASISA, DKV, MAPFRE, NEW HEALTH MUTUAL, SEGURCAIXA ADESLAS And SANNITI.

The duration of the new concert is three years, which represents a guarantee for stability of the model and to the continuity of health provision to the General society, which may choose to receive health provision through some of the insurance companies or through health services, of the autonomous communities.

It is a concert with a view to the modernisation and improvement of health care that MUGEJU should be provided with the same content and scope that the rest of the national health system and it faces, in addition, the incorporation of new integrated services in the common portfolio of the national health system. In this vein, it was introduced into the provision of Concert assisted human reproduction to single women, couples of lesbian and transgender women, the health needs of the collective LTBI and transsexuals, assistance in dying, new benefits for the victims of gender-based violence, such as unlimited psychotherapy sessions.

The concert 2022-2024 entails mainstreaming incremental bonus that reaches the final year of a 10% increase in the 2021, and guaranteed levels economic sufficiency that maintains the necessary quality of the model.

Under the signature, are posted on this website new doctors of each of the insurance companies in the various provinces, which can be found in section “ Outstanding ” or through the following link: consult medical tables .


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