Madrid: influenza vaccination Campaign, and dosage reinforcement Covid-19

En relación a la campaña de la gripe de este año, the mutual concert private medical , have to contact their medical entity for the report of the medical centres and hospitals to flu vaccination.

Currently, in private clinics is administered only influenza , ya que no se les ha formado ni tienen, en algunos casos, condiciones para vacunar frente a Covid-19. 

For the mutual 70 years and years :

  • There will be vaccination joint flu and Covid-19 (booster dose) in the centre of vaccination of the community of Madrid and in the city of Madrid, in these centres will be carried out vaccination upon autocita.
  • Aquellos que decidan vacunarse en un centro privado de la gripe, pueden acudir subsequently to the Hospital Zendal vaccinations of the third dose against Covid-19.
  • For those in the mutual that have not elapsed 6 months or more since the administration of the final dose against Covid-19 (fully vaccinated, two doses), may have recourse to the Isabel Zendal hospital vaccinations, when they have reached the age of 6 months.