A Vaccination Certificate By COVID19

The information system of the ministry of health on vaccination Covid REGVACU, 19, and other platforms already related permit, with advancement to the date set by the rules of procedure of the European Union, the certificate of vaccination, tests and recovery, also called the green digital certificate of the european union, the international level.

The ministry of health has already enabled access Covid digital certificate, which can be found cl@ve digital certificate, or ID CARD.

At the moment, they should be requested evidence or to public health authorities if required, namely the autonomous communities, which are responsible for administering such a vaccine.

THE PROGRAMME AND EMISIÓN VACUNACIÓN CERTIFICATE OF EACH COMMUNITY AUTÓNOMA: https://www.mugeju.es/noticias/2021-05/programa-de-vacunacion-informacion-de-las-ccaa

LINK REQUEST ELECTRÓNICA MINISTRY OF HEALTH: https :// cvd.sanidad.gob.es/cvdcovid/cvdcovid-formulario/index.xhtml

LINK QUESTIONS/ANSWERS MINISTRY OF HEALTH: https :// sede.mscbs.gob.es/rcd/faq.htm

In any case, MUGEJU has no competence, nor may issue such certificates, for not being able to certify what is not within his competence.

For more information on the european green digital certificate, which according to information from the Government will not be required to travel but it will facilitate the freedom of movement within the eu, click on the following link .

In Spain, the certificate will be issued either by the ministry of health and the autonomous communities en format paper or digital. Its scheduled release date is 1 july, which is when it comes into force on The Regulation which gives legal support to the document, although both the ministry as most of these communities are already providing such a certificate, at least in digital format.

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