Time: Vaccination Última Covid19 Catalonia, balearic islands and Andalusia

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The health service in Catalonia implemented prior appointment system for the immunization of COVID19 using id card or if they have number of CIP (Personal Identification Code), if they are within the age group vaccination. Access the system of appointment of Catalonia by clicking on the following link .

For more information click on the following link .

The balearic islands

The Society In General has included the number CIPAut (also called CIPA/CIP/SIP) reflected the mutual funds domiciled in The Balearic Islands in its Information system.

You can consult the number by clicking on the following link .

The service you can use both holders, such as mutual beneficiaries of age, to be identified with their identity document and its membership. The mutual MUGEJU beneficiaries who have no IDENTITY DOCUMENT will be able to obtain the code through consultation of the scheme is dependent holder.

The information will also be visible through the Portal of the Scheme in the Personal Data ” under the name of CIP Autonomous Community.


The health service of Andalusia informed us that enabled the age bracket to apply for appointment to vaccination for those who are between 55 and 59 years of age, and over 68 years, through ClicSalud + or mobile Health Responded.

Age groups ranging from 60 to 67 years, have to wait or message for summons as this group, does not have enabled the quotation.

For more information click on the following link.