Service Code Identifying consultation (SIP/IPC/CIPA MEASUREMENTS/…) of the public health care system of CC.AA.

Has published a new service in our Electronic Site for can access their mutual Identification Code (SIP/IPC/CIPA MEASUREMENTS/…) of public health services of their autonomous community.

Can be accessed in the following link:
https :// operation = GET _ SIP

Or via the link section's standing "" links of interest from the main headquarters.

The service you can use both holders, such as mutual beneficiaries of age, to be identified with their identity document and its membership. The mutual MUGEJU beneficiaries who have no IDENTITY DOCUMENT will be able to obtain the code through consultation of the scheme is dependent holder.

Finally, let us remember that this service can only provide the code identifying those communities and/or Autonomous Cities that are using it to the identification of our Mutual Public Service in their health, mainly for the process of vaccination against COVID-19, and that have been sent to us that code. Currently this applies to all who have mutual healthcare through private concert and domiciled set in the community of Valencia or Aragón. The rest of the mutual CC.AA. they will not code during the consultation and should wait for a further updating of the news of vaccination in their community or City.

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