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Information Note COVID-19 Vaccination

On the vaccination campaign against the COVID-19, communicate:

The General Society, is working in a coordinated and proactive engagement with MUFACE e ISFAS and has already provided the Ministry and the autonomous communities for the updated information necessary for the mutual funds to carry out the strategy defined by each of them for vaccinations.

The public health system of each autonomous community defines its own strategy of vaccinations and pace in response to the means available.

At present the technical working group COVID-19 vaccination is determining possible conditions likely preferential vaccination.

It has to insist, as announced last december, the need to update data on the website of the mutuality, to be of particular interest to vaccination facilitate contact by telephone.

No obstante, se recomienda estar pendiente de la información actualizada a través de la web:  https :// and through the website of the ministry of Health https ://