Vaccination campaign against the COVID-19

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On the vaccination campaign against the COVID-19, communicate:

The General Society, is working in a coordinated and proactive engagement with MUFACE e ISFAS and has already provided the Ministry and the autonomous communities for the updated information necessary for the mutual funds to carry out the strategy defined by each of them for vaccinations.

El Sistema Público de Salud de cada Comunidad Autónoma define su propia estrategia de vacunación y ritmo atendiendo a los medios disponibles.

En la actualidad el Grupo de Trabajo Técnico de Vacunación COVID-19, se encuentra determinando las posibles patologías susceptibles de vacunación preferente.

Se ha de insistir, tal y como se anunció el pasado mes de diciembre, en la necesidad de actualizar los datos en la página web de la Mutualidad, siendo de especial interés para la vacunación facilitar el contacto telefónico.

However, it is recommended to be updated information via the web: https :// and through the website of the ministry of Health https ://



The administration of vaccines against COVID 19 falls within the actions of epidemiological prevention in the area of an international emergency.

Las vacunas son de adquisición centralizada,  de modo que son proporcionadas por el Ministerio de Sanidad y su administración corresponderá en todo caso a los recursos, centros y hospitales que decidan los Servicios Públicos de Salud.

In this regard, the collective will be vaccinated mutual under the national health system in the same way as the rest of the general population. Vaccinations of MUGEJU is guaranteed, both for mutual benefit and attached to public health services of the autonomous communities and INGESA, and officials of insurance entities.


MUGEJU is working in cooperation with the ministry of health and the respective territorial health authorities to ensure the access of vaccines mutual COVID in terms of equity.

As a first step, MUGEJU has initiated a comprehensive action to update the personal identity data attached to mutual private insurers to facilitate the identification by the health administration, at the time of vaccination.

To this end, in a first phase, the mutual funds that do not have updated your personal data (address, email, phone number) or of its beneficiaries must proceed to modify or supplement the same, succumbing to electronic headquarters MUGEJU in the following link: https ://


The vaccination plan from COVID 19 will have three stages, having begun the first one that affects the most vulnerable and health personnel, according to the following groups:

  1. Residents and socio-medical staff and working in old people and of major dependent.
  2. Front line staff in the area of health and socio-health.
  3. Other health personnel, social and health policies.
  4. Persons found great dependent (level III of unit, that is, in need of intensive support measures) that are not currently be institutionalized.

The first dose available will be used to vaccinate cluster 1 and 2 in that order, and, after completion of these groups and to the extent that there is more availability, is administered to groups 3 and 4.

The mutual funds included in the first groups will be vaccinated in one of the four phases according to them, being cited by the respective Public health services.  

You can go to the link of the ministry of health on the vaccination strategy COVID in Spain: https ://

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