Update: Notice to the attached to CASER mutualists

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We inform you all the mutualists attached to the medical entity CASER company that is not going to sign the extension of the concert of healthcare by 2021, so it is necessary to change of medical entity.

To facilitate this required formalities, MUGEJU will proceed to expand the annual session regular change for the Entity mutualists with CASER from 1 December 2020 .

This term change special expanded regular entity will cover since 1 December 2020 to 31 January 2021 , period in which the mutualists must choose between receive health care through one of private insurers: SEGURCAIXA ADESLAS, ASISA, DKV Insurance, MAPFRE, MUTUAL NEW Health, SANITAS or through health services of the Autonomous Community where resides (INSS option).

El cambio a la nueva entidad médica se hará efectivo a partir del 1 February 2021 . Until then, the mutualists will continue to receive healthcare through CASER, as far.

To facilitate the choice of health option, MUGEJU has enabled a flexible procedure through the electronic site agency. All the mutualists MUGEJU holders have been sent a letter detailing the steps to carry out. To make the change of entity must have access to medical https :// sedemugeju.gob.es/cambio-entidad con el usuario y contraseña que ha recibido en la carta, seleccionar la entidad médica por la que desea recibir asistencia a partir del 1 de febrero de 2021, y completar todos los pasos marcados.