Vaccination campaign 2020-2021 influenza

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The vaccination campaign of influenza 2020-2021 will develop in the framework of the current pandemic of Covid-19. to avoid confusing on this vaccination campaign, MUGEJU reminded that mutual the system ensures compliance with the calendar current common from 2018.

This year, the purchase of vaccines it has done so centralized desde el Ministerio de Sanidad y las comunidades autónomas. El suministro de las dosis necesarias de vacunas en la campaña de gripe, que comenzará próximamente, is assured both for the mutual public option and concerted entity . Access to these vaccines will, as in the previous campaign, through vaccination points, public or reached, according to the insurance coverage. Access through of pharmacies will be limited to have a supply restricted.

Risk groups

En el caso de la vacuna contra la gripe, los mutualistas de public option (INSS) should contact your doctor or health centre. The mutualists attached to any concerted entities should contact their reference centre, and will be the corresponding who optional prescribe the administration of the vaccine to the patients included in risk groups . Must be taken into account that it is necessary to a report of the optional for people of risk that are not over 65 or age set by the CC.AA. if lower.

Each entity should inform on the mutual calendar, centres and times in which will be conducted vaccination, having the means necessary to implement preventive programmes included in the portfolio of services.


If the acquisition are made at the pharmacy, it should be borne in mind that the or should mutualist pay the full price the vaccine and, subsequently, with the invoice from the pharmacy, request refunds full of the same to the entity which is attached. Shall be entitled to reimbursement if and when you have more than 65 years or age set by each CC.AA. if less than or belongs to risk group, and so is expressed in the medical report accordingly.