Acto de firma de la Adenda al Concierto con el Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Farmacéuticos

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Signing of the Addendum to the concert with the General council official Colleges Pharmaceutical

The manager of the Judicial General Mutuality (MUGEJU) Conception Sáez Rodríguez and the president of the General council of colleges pharmacists, Joanne Aguilar, have presented today the addendum to the concert that have signed both entities and that will facilitate electronic prescribing at all protected by MUGEJU, more than 90,000 beneficiaries.

The text describes the procedures and requirements of the electronic system of MUGEJU, as well as the that will more than 22,000 community pharmacies to proceed to the dispensation of medicines prescribed electronically. Through this system guarantees the immediate and gradual mutualists integration attached to the electronic prescription systems of public health services and lays the foundation for the full implementation of the electronic prescription MUGEJU. Similarly, incorporates the new Concert billing procedure of dispensations made by this new format of limitation by colleges Pharmaceutical Officers.

Moreover, the General Council and schools ensure interoperability and accessibility of all pharmacies to the system of electronic Prescription MUGEJU and guarantee the continuity of service with the requirements of security in communications, infrastructure and technological architecture, through the connection node Pharmaceutical organization collegiate Nodofarma.

The manager of MUGEJU, design Sáez Rodríguez, has highlighted the work done during several months, by both institutions and so uniquely intense in the harsh weeks to fight the pandemic during the state of alarm, where you have consolidated mutual links, and which has facilitated the execution of economic agreements – but of enormous projection – with health authorities of numerous Autonomous Communities for the implementation of the recipe electronics. In this sense, the Manager has highlighted that the subscription of this Addendum to the Concert of the year 2017 between MUGEJU and the General Council of pharmacists represents the keystone essential for their full and final establishments, the starting point indispensable to keep walking together with the common goal of ensuring the pharmaceutical collective MUGEJU through the most effective and efficient: the recipe electronics.

Signing of the Addendum to the concert with the General council official Colleges Pharmaceutical

For his part, the president of the General council of pharmacists, Joanne Aguilar and appreciative has highlighted the work carried out by both institutions to reach this important agreement that has allowed a model and Electronic Prescription Only valid for any Spain and which will benefit more than 90,000 beneficiaries of MUGEJU. Furthermore, Aguilar has revealed that good understanding between MUGEJU and the General Council allows a continuous search for solutions Agile and innovative, as the launch during the pandemic to ensure access to medicines to all social activism.