Publication in the BOE changes to the supplementary benefits and ortoprotésicas

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On 18 and 19 december has been issued in official gazette three resolutions of the management of the society in General, of relevance to our collective.

While referring to different benefits and assistance, all of them some relevance to each other as to be said here. These include:

Resolution of 4 december 2019, which updates the regulation of supplementary benefits (dental, vision and other), and there is widespread in their progress in electronic format   (BOE 18/12/2019)

Uniting all the regulations of MUGEJU that until now was to govern these benefits, order and adapt the procedures for granting these subsidies in order to meet with the legal provisions aimed at introducing the electronic workflow in our work as a public agency and, simultaneously to pursue and promote the widespread use of new technologies among our collective.

In this regard, the resolution provides that, from 1 january 2020 requests for additional benefits that it affects, be made through electronic headquarters MUGEJU ( https :// ), accompanying in electronic format the documentation required for each case. However, it was considered reasonable that, at least in the early stages of this transformation, the procedural mutual and may submit their applications with central services or the provincial branches of MUGEJU en format paper exclusively during the months of january, april, july and october of each calendar year.

Resolution of 4 december 2019, which adapts the provision of outpatient treatment ortoprotésicos members of the portfolio of common services of the national health system   (BOE 18/12/2019)  

Its aim is to transpose the regulation of MUGEJU the provisions contained in two Órdenes of the ministry of health which modify partially, to update the catalogue, joint provision ortoportésica, defining the types of products containing and their respective maximum amounts of funding, which involves, on the one hand, the obligatory adaptation of the procedure to obtain this benefit, and on the other, for the mutual part of the cost of some of these products, as has been happening over the last years with users of the General Social security system and that from next year will affect all Mutualismo member of The Administrative, MUGEJU, MUFACE e ISFAS.

Precisely in order to alleviate the minimum impact this last measure might have on our collective is the inclusion in the agenda of the care Plan for 2020 Socio-Sanitaria of aid in the terms is to be said here.

Resolution of 4 december 2019, by which the aid of the agenda for the care Plan Socio-sanitaria by 2020 ( BOE 19/12/2019 )

As has just been anticipate, the principal innovation consists in integrating existing traditionally aid for this category, a new raised to minimize the consequences arising from forced establishment of the input from the user for the acquisition of some products ortoprotésicos including, as from 1 january 2020, in our catalogue.

In addition, and as a procedural developments achieved it must be noted that in the next financial year has been deleted as the date set for the submission of applications and, to fulfil certain requirements, will no longer needs the input of some documents required for processing and settling the related file.

Therefore, with these three resolutions MUGEJU updates its internal rules, the accommodation of the general regulation, and strongly incorporates the requirements and innovations derived from the use of new technologies, thereby facilitating the processing of cases aimed at obtaining assistance and benefits of high demand from our collective.