Medical switching 2020: regular Period

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From 1 january 2020 will be able to carry out at headquarters ELECTRÓNICA of MUGEJU https :// in a complete and direct REGULAR change BETWEEN ENTITIES MÉDICAS CLOSED without the need to refer the request.

At the end of the proceeding is going to automatically generate the accreditation of high containing the new medical entity that has been attached.

With this accreditation will be able to use (until the new entity him or her health card to your home) of the medical services medical entity chosen from 1 february 2000.


REGULAR EXCHANGE: The mutual mutual and can carry out a regular exchange of medical entity every year, during the month of january, FOR ONE TIME.


PRESENTACIÓN TERM: From 1 to 31 january each year.


  • ON LINE: For the realization of these proceedings online should be discharged as the mutual scheme. The General identification may be accessed through the system Cl@ve to which should be discharged in the platform or have dni-electrónico or one of the digital certificates admitted for the electronic site check. technical requirements access to online.
  • PERSON: in the central and provincial branches of Mugeju, as well as in any other places under article 16 (4) of law 39/2015, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities.

DATE OF LAUNCH: Climate regular medical entity shall take effect from 1 february 2000.

PRESENTACIÓN MODEL: Debe presentar el modelo de Solicitud de Cambio de Entidad Médica DULY COMPLETED AND SIGNED , setting the check box REGULAR EXCHANGE.

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