Information Note on the format of the prescriptions of MUGEJU

Official Recipe of MUGEJU

It is recalled that the mutual from 21 january 2013 the prescriptions of MUGEJU have adopted the format of the model that is attached, in implementation of the royal decree 1718/2010, of 17 december on prescription and dispensing Orders.

The current model of MUGEJU recipe is distinguished by the identification number is preceded by the letter Z .

It is not valid any other format, so the mutualist possessing old recipes of services, must cease the use of them and destroying them. The recipes with old format are not accepted in the pharmacy .

In addition, delegations are reminded that the vouchers MUGEJU recipes can be requested through the Electronic , por correo o fax, cumplimentando el impreso correspondiente o personalmente en la Delegación provincial o en los Servicios Centrales de MUGEJU.

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