Briefing note on the Health Concert 2014

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Mugeju have subscribed to the year 2014, a new concert for healthcare to the entire medical entities which at present, i.e., Asisa, SegurCaixa Adeslas, Caser, Mapfre, DKV and Sanniti.
To retain this diversity of options from which you can choose the beneficiary to obtain health care, is at this time, a quality in the election of the health option Mugeju has managed to your group.
However, this new concert healthcare for 2014 submitted significant changes in that it has been a substantial modifications to the media, that care should be provided by the entities in each locality.
For this reason, it is necessary check in table doctor entities , los medios con los que cuenta cada compañía, de forma que se pueda seleccionar la alternativa que resulte más favorable a cada necesidad, haciendo uso en su caso, del change of health during the month of january 2014.
The means of each entity are available on its own website, in the provincial offices of the entity or in the provincial branches of Mugeju.
If necessary, from 1 january 2014, the mutualist may request the entities referred to his home in a medical en format paper or electronic format or, in the offices of the medical entity at their place of residence.
Es muy importante que se compruebe la continuidad de la vinculación con la entidad, de los médicos o centros hospitalarios, those who usually come from the medical or contacting the doctor or the centre directly.


Medical entities Mobile information Website
ASISA 902 010 010
CASER 901 332 233
DKV INSURANCE 902 499 600
MAPFRE FAMILY 902 204 060
SANNITI 902 102 400




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