Covid19 vaccination


According to an agreement made by the Interterritorial Council of the national health system on 7 april, the vaccine AstraZeneca only administer people from 60 years, since 8 april. It affects several groups already called, which should inform affected in their respective Autonomous Community on the operational changes.

Each Community or Autonomous City plans the administration of the vaccine according to their own criteria, in the framework of the national strategy. The update 5 of the strategy and the arrival gradually different types of vaccine makes in almost all is overlapping, at least, vaccination of:

  • Persons aged 80 years and more (Group 5a).
  • Persons of 70-79 years (Group 5b).
  • Persons of 55-65 years (Group 5c).
  • Essential collective.

See all the information in the Update 5 of the strategy, by clicking on the following link .


The obligation is to maintain their mutual updated data in MUGEJU. Now, especially due to the vaccination campaign by Covid 19, we need your contact details are up-to-date.

At this time, it is a priority that mutual 80 years and over that age, status, have concerted updated their data in MUGEJU. They should also be updated data for all mutual age groups of all ranks who have begun vaccination process (70-79, 69-60 and risk groups ).

 Es imprescindible el teléfono móvil, y actualice también su correo electrónico y dirección postal. Por favor, compruebe, y modifique si es necesario por estos medios:

  • Through the data update our electronic site by clicking on the following link .
  • Shipment to Provincial Branches or central services of the model data variation A1.
  • The site of the scheme by clicking on the following link .

To serve strictly for the purposes of the vaccination campaign, the identification data and collective contact MUGEJU may be transferred to the autonomous health departments.

Before any doubt about the modification of your data. check with your Delegation.


La Mutualidad desde finales del año 2020 está trabajando y colaborando activamente con el Ministerio de Sanidad, así como con las Consejerías de Salud de cada Comunidad y Ciudad Autónoma para garantizar al acceso del colectivo mutualista a las vacunas COVID en términos de equidad, en el ámbito de esta campaña integral.

En este momento, la colaboración se concreta en facilitar los datos identificativos y de contacto de todos los mutualistas, en especial los de entidades concertadas.

The mutual funds, therefore, will be cited by public health services, along the lines that mark the vaccination strategy of each of them.

As we get the vaccination strategy, each service autonomic public health is planning groups and dates. On the specific programme of immunization of each autonomous community, you can see all the information on our website by clicking on this link.

As has already been said, will be vaccinated mutual under the national immunization strategy, and details of the main thrust containing information on this website, as well as in the various channels of information society, as it becomes available in the autonomous communities and the ministry of health.


Las personas con condiciones de muy alto riesgo a partir de 16-18 años se vacunarán de manera simultánea al grupo de edad de 70 a 79 años, si no les corresponde antes por grupo de edad.

Se utilizará cualquiera de las vacunas autorizadas, pero preferentemente vacunas de ARNm, con la finalidad de alcanzar la inmunidad completa en un periodo de tiempo menor.

They have considered the following conditions, according to risk and feasibility (See table 1 Update 5 of the strategy of vaccinations):

  • Transplantation of hematopoyéticos parents.
  • Trasplante de órgano sólido y lista de espera para trasplante de órgano sólido.
  • Alternative treatment renal (haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis).
  • Oncohematológica disease.
  • Cancer solid Body treatment with cytotoxic chemotherapy, radiotherapy using or localization tumour thoracic with risk of neumonitis.
  • Primary Inmunodeficiencias.
  • Infection with hiv with less than 200cél/ml despite TAR effective and undetectable viral load.
  • Syndrome with 40 years and older.

In the society has defined the procedure to collect accurate data and of those mutual beneficiaries to be taken into account in the prioritization of vaccinations, in conformity with the conditions described in paragraph 5 of the strategy of vaccinations against COVID-19 in Spain, dated 30/03/2021, which relate to persons who are at greater risk of serious illness and death to infection by SARS-CoV 2.

This procedure is included in the Plan of action that MUGEJU has developed in order to engage with the relevant health authorities, facilitating the identification of mutual benefit and that are very high risk.

Los mutualistas y beneficiarios incluidos en este grupo de alto riego deberán fill in the statement which is enclosed responsible y hacerla llegar a la MUGEJU, lo antes posible y por la vía más rápida, por alguno de los siguientes medios:

  • In person, in the headquarters of MUGEJU or in any Delegation At the Provincial level.
  • By e-mail: .
  • By fax 91 435 63 61.
  • By postal mail addressed to the headquarters of MUGEJU.
  • Through the electronic headquarters by clicking on the following link .

(*) The dispatching of the declaration responsible does not imply the direct inclusion as a person at risk, applying the conditions described above.

Since the Judicial General Mutuality is collaborating with autonomous health services to facilitate mutual immunization in high-risk conditions, so that, since 23 april, is to transfer to those authorities the mutualist under cluster 7 "people with conditions of very high risk", according to the strategy of vaccinations against Covid-19 in Spain of the council Interterritorial of the national health system.

This information is sent updated periodically.

This action plan does not prevent MUGEJU competent health authorities of each autonomous community to deal directly with or mutual beneficiaries to be covered by this group described as high risk.


To access information of the strategy of vaccinations of each community/Autonomous City click on the following link


The information system of the ministry of health on vaccination Covid REGVACU, 19, and other platforms already related permit, with advancement to the date set by the rules of procedure of the European Union, the certificate of vaccination, tests and recovery, also called the green digital certificate of the european union, the international level.

The ministry of health has already enabled access Covid digital certificate, which can be found cl@ve digital certificate, or ID CARD.

At the moment, they should be requested evidence or to public health authorities if required, namely the autonomous communities, which are responsible for administering such a vaccine. You can find out what communities can now earn mutual evidence to demand by clicking on the following link .



En cualquier caso, MUGEJU no tiene competencia en la materia ni puede emitir este tipo de certificados, por no poder certificar lo que no está bajo su competencia.

For more information on the european green digital certificate, which according to information from the Government will not be required to travel but it will facilitate the freedom of movement within the eu, click on the following link .

In Spain, the certificate will be issued either by the ministry of health and the autonomous communities en format paper or digital. Its scheduled release date is 1 july, which is when it comes into force on The Regulation which gives legal support to the document, although both the ministry as most of these communities are already providing such a certificate, at least in digital format.