Complaints and suggestions

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Los afiliados a Mugeju podrán presentar sus quejas y sugerencias sobre el funcionamiento de servicio en los lugares y en la forma que se señalan a continuación.

In the form of complaints and suggestions in the central and provincial offices available to users, where they can freely express, the reasons for their displeasure in the relations with the mutuality and suggest the actions that, in his view can contribute to improving benefits or their accessibility.

Through the postal mail address of the offices of Mugeju that you can find in the area of what is Mugeju? our website.

Through the electronic site, which should be signed with the electronic signature of the person concerned.

Both complaints and suggestions are handled through the inspection services and treatment of personal and individual.

En uno y otro caso para que produzcan los efectos deseados, deberán identificarse las personas que las formulan.


  • Royal Decree 951/2005 of 29 july, which establishes the general framework for improving the quality in the General state administration.
  • Resolution of 6 february 2006, of the secretary-General for Public Administration, on certain guidelines for the development of programmes of the general framework for improving the quality established by the Royal Decree 951/2005 of 29 july