a. Órganos direction and management:

  1. Management
  2. Provincial Delegates
  • Management: is the Management body of management and direction of General Mutuality, which holds the representation of the agency, and all the functions of executive direction, management and inspection of the activities of the same.
  • Provincial Delegates: in each province there is a provincial delegate, acting executive missions, by delegation of the manager, as a link with central services.

(b. Órganos of participation in the control and monitoring:

  1. The Direction Commission
  2. The General Council
  • The Commission is the Leading body responsible for control and monitoring of the General Mutuality. Chaired by the incumbent of the ministry of Justice of the ministry of justice who shall make its strategic direction and evaluation and monitoring the results of its actions, among its functions is to approve the plan of action and the annual report of the Mutuality, examining and reporting on the draft annual budget and the balance sheet and annual accounts of the previous year, and propose any measures deemed necessary for better implementation of the purposes of the agency.
  • The General Council is responsible for overall supervision of the activity of the mutual insurance system; it is composed of members representatives of the various bodies in the service of the administration of justice, and its main function, as well as to know the annual report of the agency, the annual draft budget, the balance sheet and the annual accounts, as well as the investment plans and the plan of action of the agency, is to propose, if any, as many measures, plans and programmes be desirable for the development of mechanisms for the protection of the special regime of Social Security of staff in the service of the administration of justice.