Growth hormone

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The Criteria and protocols are available on the website of the ministry of health, Welfare and Consumption in section profesionales-farmacia:

Since 1 July 2019 it should continue to these new “ criteria ” as well as all applications for treatment in these protocols that are designed to be completed directly before printing.

The application of treatment to the advisory committee should be done by completing the protocols and start-up specified in the models attachments, that contain all parameters to assess underlying the criteria for authorization and renewal of treatment. Likewise, should be filed together with the boot protocol, informed consent from the patient duly filled out. La ausencia de cumplimentación de todos y cada uno de los datos solicitados puede ser motivo de un informe negativo para el inicio o continuidad del tratamiento con Hormona de Crecimiento .


  • Application protocol treatment Start
  • Monitoring protocol
  • Informed consent