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Mugeju contains a number of situations where the mutualist can request a refund of costs of certain products when they have been acquired in the conditions established in the legislation on Mugeju. Appropriate refunds of expenditures of medicines, sanitary products and dietary products under the following circumstances:

To) in the event that the same does not exist in the domestic market and are authorized and acquired through the relevant health agencies, as established procedures.

(B) when the insurance has been obliged to go to a doctor alien to medical entity to which it is attached by cause imputable to the same or for reasons of urgency, not having been able to make so the limitations in the official recipe of Mugeju.

(C) when, for exceptional reasons duly justified, the insurance could not present in the act doctor the check book Mugeju recipes and the optional has made the prescription in a different recipe model.

D) In outpatient treatment within the framework of a cross-border assistance in a country member of the HAT, medicines, sanitary products and dietary products included in the pharmaceutical benefit of the national health system.

E) The related to certain pathologies:

  • For Calcitonina Paget disease.
  • Drugs for the treatment of hiv.
  • Drugs for the treatment of cystic fibrosis.
  • Pharmaceutical specialities containing statins, for patients with familial hypercholesterolemia heterocigota.

(F) In which the current legislation determines percentages of mutual participation in the payment of medicines, sanitary products and dietary products, different to 30%.

(G) in the case of prescriptions treatments directly related to accident in service or occupational disease.