Access to health care


Healthcare is intended to provide medical, surgical and pharmacists to preserve or restore the health.

Incluye al menos la cartera de servicios del Sistema Nacional de Salud, y comprende:

  1. Primary care
  2. Specialized care
  3. Pharmaceutical benefits
  4. Supplementary benefits

En los casos de accidente en acto de servicio y enfermedad profesional, también incluye:

  • Cosmetic surgery relating to the accident in the line of service or occupational disease

  • Prosthetic, orthotic and other additional benefits that are deemed necessary in relation to the process pathologic derived from accident while on duty or occupational disease


All the mutual mutual Judicial General have the right to health care from the time the cause.

The newly born shall have the right to health care by the entity that addresses the mother the first month since the time of delivery. Since then it is subject to the formalization of the assignment in one entity or to Public health service.


In the case of private medical institutions, to receive health care, the scheme does not identify itself with its prsp of admission of the Mutuality General Judicial or the care issued by the entity care.

  • When you register an insurance-based services, whether owner or beneficiary, mutuality generates an individual membership card and send by e-mail address of the scheme is the holder.

  • If the data was correct or not a loss, theft or a deterioration in an individual membership card, the scheme can apply for a new card. More information: Apply for membership card (electronic)

  • Si ha elegido una entidad médica privada, la entidad enviará a su domicilio los documentos de asistencia sanitaria propios de esa entidad, en aproximadamente quince días. También puede solicitarlos en las oficinas de atención al usuario de la entidad médica.

En los casos del Servicio Público de Salud, los mutualistas deben seguir el procedimiento establecido por la Comunidad Autónoma que les corresponda. (ver: Public health services of the NATIONAL )