Concert healthcare for beneficiaries of Mugeju

The purpose of the Concert is to facilitate assistance to the mutual health and other beneficiaries of Mugeju, throughout the national territory. This assistance will be provided in accordance with the royal Legislative Decree 3/2000 of 23 june, which adopted the consolidated text of existing legislation on the special regime of Social security of staff in the service of the administration of justice, law 14/1986 General health and the law 16/2003, on 28 may, cohesion and quality of the national health system.

Insurance Entities concert signatories are as follows:

  • Asisa Interprovincial, health care insurance, Sociedad anónima.
  • DKV insurance and reinsurance, Sociedad anónima española.
  • Family Mapfre, insurance and reinsurance, Joint-stock company.
  • New health Mutual health services, to mutual insurance Premium.
  • Sanniti, Sociedad anónima de Seguros.
  • Adeslas Segurcaixa, Sociedad anónima de Seguros y Reaseguros.
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