European Health Card and Alternative Provisional Certificate

Data of the proceedings
3 months

For the temporary displacement in the european union, European Economic Area and switzerland, and have mutual beneficiaries of the EUROPEAN HEALTH CARD (TSE) provides the right to health benefits under identical conditions that residents of the country of destination, through its Public health system, except that displacement is intended precisely to receive medical treatment. The validity of the TRIBUNAL is two years.

If the trip is imminent and it cannot be expected to a TSE, must apply Alternative Interim Certificate (CPS) that may be achieved immediately at headquarters electronic MUGEJU. For all purposes the psc is a TSE in a different format, producing the same effects and utilities.

The validity of the psc is 90 days, being therefore enough to travel document.

When the system of public health in the country in which it takes the TSE, is subjected to any partial funding by the user (Co), will be able to apply for the reimbursement to the company SOS Insurance and reinsurance.

States in which the European Health Card is valid:

  • Countries that are members of the european union: Germany, Austria, belgium, Bulgaria, croatia, cyprus, Denmark, slovakia, slovenia, Estonia, finland, france, greece, hungary, ireland, italy, latvia, lithuania, luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, poland, Portugal, united kingdom (*), czech republic, romania, Sweden.
  • Countries of the european economic area iceland, Liechtenstein, norway.
  • Switzerland.

(*) If you are going to travel to the united kingdom on 31 december, learn earlier in the Ministry of foreign affairs . The validity of the TRIBUNAL and the psc in that state is affected by Brexit process, so that will end in each case on 31 december 2020. However, the system of collective insurance policy expected benefits MUGEJU is not affected by Brexit.


The need to apply the mutual TSE and PSC, in the electronic site of the society in General. The Alternative Provisional Certificate is obtained immediately, the European Health Card you will receive from his home in a period not exceeding ten days.


If you cannot make such procedures at headquarters ELECTRONICA please refer to the provincial branches or central services and to submit completed the application or identify TSE, to request the Provisional Certificate or Substitute:

Application form of TSE/CPS

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