Compensation for permanent injuries not disabling

Data of the proceedings
6 months

Its basic regulation is contained in article 12.1, (d) of the Consolidated Text approved by royal Legislative Decree 3/2000 and 101 of the rules of procedure of Judicial Mutualismo, approved by royal decree 1026/2011, of 15 july (BOE 4/8/2011).

The provision “ compensation for non-disabling permanent injuries ” consists of a lump sum compensation that the General Judicial Mutuality between civil servants who suffer personal injury mutual, maiming and deformities caused by accidents at work or occupational disease, which, without become permanent incapacity, causing a decline in the physical integrity of the staff member, always displayed in the rate established for that purpose:

- Órden ESS/66/2013, of 28 january , updating the amounts of compensation for injuries, maiming and deformities of final and not disabling (BOE of 30/01/2013)