Attention to older persons

Data of the proceedings
6 months

This provision is aimed at addressing states in need of those who have reached a certain age, as a result of mental deficiencies and family and social circumstances are disabled for the normal development of daily life, and lack sufficient resources to deal with those states or situations.

Can make request for mutual aid and the holders of mutual funds not suffering high. Beneficiaries of these grants, mutual non, and mutual beneficiaries included in the admission of both.

Such aid would be incompatible with any other provided or from public funds, provided that they are aimed at the same purpose and there is agreement about the subject and in question.

The amount of the monthly amount will be set according to the level of net income per person per month calculated in accordance with the criteria and depending on the scale established in the summons.



The mutual benefit and to request through the electronic site General society. Can also apply in person as indicated in paragraph "Face tile" login information at headquarters.

More information and access to the request (electronic)