Aid for burial expenses

This aid is granted in cases of death of mutual funds (owners or beneficiaries), provided that children in situations of high at the time of death.

The amount of this aid is provided for in the Resolution of 19 december 2012 the mutual:

  • En el supuesto del fallecimiento del mutualista: 250 euros. No obstante, si la ayuda corresponde a la persona que se haya hecho cargo de los gastos de sepelio, la cuantía a conceder será el importe de la factura con el límite de 250 euros.

  • In the case of the death of the holder or beneficiary scheme is not: 150 euros. However, if aid was made by the person has taken charge for funeral expenses, the amount to grant will be the invoice amount to the limit of 150 euros.

May receive such aid.

  1. In the event of death of insurance-based services for their own right, the following persons, according to the order of preference exclusive indicated: 1) the spouse not widower or legally separated; 2) Children who are targeted in its Membership; in this case the application must be made by the older son, it being understood that it does so on behalf of all; 3) the person that certifies having paid for funeral expenses, through original invoice.

  2. Si el fallecido es un titular por derecho derivado: la persona que acredite haber abonado los gastos de sepelio mediante factura original.

  3. In the case of the death of a beneficiary: the holder in the Membership than that figure included.



The mutual benefit and to request through the electronic site General society. Can also apply in person as indicated in paragraph "Face tile" login information at headquarters.

More information and access to the request (electronic)



see: Information on the death