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The Provision of social JUBILACIÓN GRANT it is a single payment, corresponding to the “ group ” social benefits, currently codified in article 12.1, e del TR existing legislation on Social security schemes of staff at the service of the administration of justice (approved by Legislative R.D. 3/2000) and previously under Article 10.1, and) of the Law R.D. 16/1978 (creator of the Judicial General Mutuality).

The delivery is regulated by Article 103 (Retired assistance) of the rules of the Judicial Mutualisme, approved by Royal Decree 1026/2011, 15 July. BOE of 4/8/2011), being beneficiaries of the same Only the retiring mutualists amb caràcter forçós on grounds of age, as well as to retire by permanently unfit for service, when you arrive at the date of execution of the compulsory retirement age. As envisaged in the final disposal third of the royal Decree adopts the aforementioned Rules, It came into effect on the day following that of its publication the official newsletter of the State.


I have the right to grant officials Retirement, remain active, special services or voluntary redundancy by relatives or by reason of gender violence and flaunting the condition of mutual Judicial General Mutuality, retire:

to) amb caràcter forçós by reason of age.

(b) By inability, to reach the date of execution of the compulsory retirement age.

Help Contents

The Help consists of payment, for once, twice the full amount of a regular monthly basic earnings contained in the last payroll that has been received in asset.

Deadline for submission of the application

to) in the case of forced retired by age: six months from the day following the date set for this retirement.
(b) in the case of retirees by permanent incapacity to service: six months from the day following the date of implementation of the age for retirement age in the body or Scale of membership of the official.


The expiration of six months referred to in the previous paragraph will be the expiry of the right.