Pensions for widows or widowers and orphans (Special Fund)

Perpetrators and beneficiaries

The widow's pension the cause in favour of the surviving spouse who with residency status of partner/scheme Special MUGEJU at the time of the question (death), implying that have contributed steadily to date they retire or even its death, in the case of harassment in active service.

Los Reglamentos de las Mutualidades Integradas contemplan las pensiones de viudedad/orfandad como una cadena sucesora: el mutualista, al fallecer,  causa a favor del cónyuge superviviente pensión de viudedad, accediendo los huérfanos a dicha pensión tras la muerte de éste último (la pensión de viudedad se distribuye entre aquellos).

Obviamente, los huérfanos acceden directamente a la pensión tras la muerte del mutualista cuando este fallezca sin dejar cónyuge.

In the Mutuality of Forecasting the beneficiaries are children aged under 25 years, as well as over this age incapacitated for work and income levels below the minimum wage. In the provincial justice Mutual Societies and are Auxiliary persons under 18 years in the first and twenty-one in the second, incapacitated for work, and over those ages (or widowers) with incomes below the minimum wage.


Legal nature

As retirement pensions, have the public nature of this, subject to the rules on the limits of perception and competition applicable to such pensions.

If a pensioner perceived by another public system (Pensioners, Social security, etc.) pension or pension schemes that reach the maximum fixed annually in the General state budget, the pension that he might be in the special fund shall be granted, but, on the effect of limiting it you will not be paid.



The amounts of these pensions are set out in the same terms as the retirement age (by Bodies/Scales in the mutual social security and Justice; and Municipal bodies and years of contribution in assistant).


Los importes íntegros mensuales (14 pagas anuales) oscilan, en la Mutualidad de Previsión, entre los 122,35 euros (cuantía inicial) y 57,10 euros (cuantía final), para los Cuerpos Superiores, y los 81,56 euros (cuantía inicial) y 30,05 euros (cuantía final), para los de la categoría inferior.

En esta Mutualidad la pensión de orfandad (importe de la pensión de viudedad distribuida entre los huérfanos absolutos que reúnan los requisitos previstos reglamentariamente) se extingue al cumplir el beneficiario los 25 años de edad. No obstante, su Reglamento prevé la concesión de una pensión de orfandad a los mayores de dicha edad, incapacitados para el trabajo y carentes de medios económicos (ingresos inferiores al salario mínimo interprofesional) en las cuantías de 57,10 (pensión inicial) y 18, 03 euros (pensión final).

"Municipal Justice:

In the Mutuality of Municipal Justice, the amount of monthly integrates the pension is fixed on the basis of the group (Group 1: judges, judges, prosecutors and registrars; Group 2: Clerks of Courts, Records, auxiliaries and agents) that the inclusion of the scheme, 36,06 euros (initial level) and 12,02 (amount end), to the working group, and 1 30,05 (initial level) and 9.02 (amount end), for the group 2.

Auxiliary ":

In the Mutuality of auxiliary, pension tables (one for each integrated Body at the same: Forensic Doctors, Records, auxiliaries and agents) have set the amounts of the same (initial amounts) on the basis of the base pension for each Body and the full years of contribution (the initial amount of maintenance is due to increase the base pension by 2 per cent of the same, being the minimal increase from 20 per cent, applicable to the mutualist with less than 10 years of contribution).

The initial pension ranging between the minimum amounts of 75,66, 72,33, 69,55 and 61,21 euros per month, for the bodies of Forensic Doctors, Records, auxiliaries and agents, respectively, and 119,80, 114,52, 110,12 and 96,91 euros per month, for the very bodies in the case of 45 years of contribution.

In this Society In the final amounts of pensions (applicable, after the reduction under integration agreements, from the fifth year following the date of boot) is equal amount for widows of mutual all bodies (25,84).


Recognition and payment (application of the rules on the limits of perception and synergy between public pensions)

The line of action of Mugeju is as follows:

  1. Recognition of the right to a pension of the Special Fund, but without subscription of the same, when the amount of the other reported government and already receive permission, or go to perceive, exceeds the maximum limit of public pensions contained in the budget act of the year, as appropriate.

  2. Recognition of the right and minorado payment of the pension, when the amount of the other pensions does not reach the maximum limit, but by adding the in the special fund if the aforementioned limitations.

  3. Recognition of the right to pension and full payment of the same, if the sum of all public pensions, including the Special Fund, does not exceed the maximum limit.



Estas pensiones deben solicitarse a través de la sede electrónica de la Mutualidad General Judicial. También se pueden solicitar de forma presencial según lo que indica el apartado "Presencial" de la ficha de acceso a la solicitud en la sede electrónica.

Más información y acceso a la solicitud de pensión de viudedad (sede electrónica)

Más información y acceso a la solicitud de pensión de orfandad (sede electrónica)



see: Information on the death