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What is it?

One of the objectives of the Judicial General Mutuality is to have a portal accessible to all citizens, with the following advantages:

  • Facilitate access of persons regardless of their physical condition or its environment
  • Allow access to information from different devices
  • Include clear content and well-structured
  • Improve navigation and user experience

Compatibility with standard

This site complies with international recommendations for accessibility of the initiative WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), fulfilling a level 2 (AA) and the priority levels 1 and 2 of the standard UNE 139803:2004.

The content of this site has been developed under a grammar XHTML Transitional 1.0 and stylesheets CSS 2.1 these standards guarantee access to information via any navigation device that supports the recommendations of the W3C.


Explanatory note: due to certain technical requirements, to complete the formalities of this website telematic requires a browser Internet Explorer and have javascript enabled.

Shortcut keys

To facilitate the web browsing, used the following shortcut keys:

  • Home 0: Key
  • Sitemap 1: Key
  • Search 2: key portal
  • Go to the key 3: accessibility content
  • 4: Key Which is MUGEJU
  • Key 5: Affiliation and Quotation
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  • 9: Key Conventions and offers

To make use of these access keys in the main browsers graphs, use the following keystrokes:

  • Internet Explorer: Alt + + Key Intro
  • Firefox: Alt + Shift + key
  • Chrome: Alt + key
  • It operates: Shift + Esc + key

Resize and text color

This website is designed to allow resize, the color of the text and the bottom of the page, all through the standard configuration options for browsers.

To change the font size of the text in the main browsers, use the following menus:

  • Internet Explorer: view > Text size
  • Mozilla-Firefox: view > Text size
  • Operates: view > Zoom
  • Safari: view > To make the text larger
  • Chrome: Controls the current page > Text size

We invite you to help us with your suggestions to make this portal increasingly accessible.

Please, if you find any error or want to make any suggestion on accessibility and/or standards used in this site, puede comunicárnoslo via our contact form.

Date of last revision of accessibility: 23 May 2011