Immunization coverage of 2020-2021 influenza

The vaccination campaign of influenza 2020-2021 it evolves in the framework of the current pandemic of Covid-19. To avoid misleading news this vaccination campaign, MUGEJU reminded that mutual this system ensures compliance with the calendar existing common from 2018.

This year, purchase of vaccines was carried out centralized since the ministry of health and the autonomous communities. The provision of necessary doses of vaccines in the campaign of flu, which is expected to be launched soon, she is insured for mutual public option and concerted entity . The access to these vaccines will, as in the previous campaign, through public vaccination, or combined, according to the coverage of the scheme. Access through pharmacies will be limited to have a limited supply.

Risk groups

In the case of the influenza vaccine, the mutual public option (INSS) should contact your doctor or health centre. The mutualist attached to any of the concerted entities should contact your reference centre and the protocol thereto who prescribed by the administration of vaccinated patients including those at risk . It should be borne in mind the need for a report of the protocol for the risk that there are over 65 years or age determined by CC.AA. if lower.

Each entity to be informed on the mutual calendar, centres and schedules in that will be carried out vaccination, providing the necessary means to implement preventive programmes included in the portfolio of Services.


If the procurement to be conducted in the pharmacy, must be borne in mind that the scheme or should pay the full price of the vaccine and, subsequently, with the bill for the pharmacy, request the return of the same to the entity to which is attached. Shall be entitled to reimbursement as long as you have more than 65 years or age set by each CC.AA. if less than or belong to risk group, and is expressed in the medical report .